Children’s Health

What Is Children’s Health?

Children’s needs are unique depending on their age, with periods of rapid growth and development, issues may arise such as; allergies, behavioural problems, food intolerances, poor sleep, anxiety, recurrent illness, or teething among others.

Setting up your child’s health from a young age is important in preventing certain lifestyle related diseases later on.  Your child’s nutrition has never been so important, with many social and environmental influences it can be difficult to set up healthy habits from a young age.  It is so important to encourage a wholesome and varied diet and this is an area we are particularly passionate about when it comes to kids.

If you do not have a particular health condition in mind you’re concerned about, you may simply want to optimise your child’s health by ensuring their nutrition is adequate, optimising their gut health or immune system. Every child’s needs and family situation is unique and we are committed to helping find solutions that work for the whole family.

How We Can Help You Improve Your Child’s Health Naturally 

Children generally respond very well and very quickly to the tools used in naturopathy.  Nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy used correctly are very safe and effective treatments for an array of conditions commonly experienced by children of all ages.

Whether acute, like a cold or virus or chronic like food intolerances and behavioural issues, nutrition and naturopathy are excellent long term sustainable resolutions for your child.  If your child happens to be on medication, the answer is yes, we can work alongside recommendations from your doctor to optimise their health.  We also offer food allergy testing in house and can order and interpret other applicable testing to gain a greater insight into your child’s health.

For the new mums, it can be an overwhelming time introducing food to your baby.  Infant nutrition is something we are particularly passionate about.  From introducing the right foods at the right time, to ensuring your baby’s nutritional needs are met to hit developmental milestones, we will be able to talk you through the best food choices for your baby.  Following through the toddler years and school age children, their needs change, and we can guide you through making those adaptations as smoothly as possible, particularly for the fussy eaters!

Why Are We Different?

Having worked with many children and their families for years in a private child care settings, this offered a valuable insight into how to communicate and interact with kids of all ages.  We don’t simply want to tell you child what to eat or what to take but find out what they like and work with them on a highly individualised basis.  This method lends itself to more harmonious meal times within families and more sustainable results.

Located conveniently on the Gold Coast Highway, in the central Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach, with after-hours appointments available means there is no reason not to take control over your child’s health outcomes.

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