Gut and Digestive Health

What is Gut And Digestive Health?

If you suffer from any of the following; bloating, food intolerances, reflux, fatigue or constipation – then your gut may need some work!

Gut and digestive health are paramount in achieving optimal wellbeing.  Each persons’ microbiome is unique, with disruptions potentially leading to a variety of acute or chronic health conditions such as poor immune function, food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, high cholesterol, mental health, and many, many more. It is essentially at the core of our overall wellbeing.

Our diet and environment presents so many opportunities to disrupt that all important balance of microflora within the gut.  Medications, poor food choices, unfiltered water and stress all have drastic effects on our digestive system.  Poor digestive health can have powerful and lasting effects on your overall wellbeing, however working naturally on your gut health can provide you with a sense of health and vitality you didn’t know possible.

How We Can Help You Improve Your Gut Health Naturally 

Gut health is an area that naturopaths have been working with for many years, with a plethora of tools to address various issues within the digestive system.  Herbs and specific nutrients can help repair the lining of the gut, reduce inflammation, regulate bowel habits, reduce bloating and discomfort and that’s just the beginning.

Addressing diet, hydration and movement can have profound effects on digestive health. Where extra attention is required there are many options within herbal and nutritional medicine for highly individualised prescription of the highest quality supplements, to restore balance to your digestive system.   When applicable we can also order and interpret high quality testing to gain greater insight into your health.  and supplements that aren’t available to the general public without prescription.

Proper elimination is also the key to the body’s natural processes of detoxification, so instead of following the latest detox program, let’s get your body functioning as best as it can.  This will leave you with mental clarity, clearer skin, shiny hair, a strong immune system and full of energy.

Why Are We Different?

As a Naturopath, addressing the root cause of a condition is paramount in our philosophy.  More often than not, the gut will be contributing to poor health, which makes this an area of great interest and importance. Making a commitment to working alongside your individual needs, expectations and limitations is what sets us apart in helping you achieve your health goals.

Located conveniently on the Gold Coast Highway, in the central Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach, with after-hours appointments available means there is no reason not to take control over your digestive health outcomes.

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