Complex Conditions

What Are Complex Health Conditions?

Complex health conditions refer to those that present with a set of symptoms that may to be attributed to one specific diagnosis and involve many different body systems.  Nutrition and Naturopathy have successfully treated many complex conditions as the whole body is addressed.  Examples of such conditions are Fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, stubborn weight loss, non-specific fatigue, autoimmune conditions, adrenal dysfunction or poor sleep to name a few.

You may have been from doctor to specialist and tried everything in between to no avail.  Taking an approach that addresses your whole body as one, often yields the result you’ve been searching for.

How We Can Help You Improve Your Health Naturally

We begin by getting to know a little about you, your unique situation and health and medical situation. This allows us to put together a comprehensive picture of which body systems require attention.  To assist in this process, where applicable, testing can be ordered and interpreted to offer highly specific and individualised advice.

Advice will be given on your diet and which foods will help you, which will hinder you and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.  As well as this an assessment of your lifestyle practices and environment will be conducted.  Specific recommendations will be provided here as well to ensure your treatment plan is holistic and comprehensive in nature.

Specific herbal and nutritional medicines can be given by prescription as well to encourage balance and vitality from within.  We are more than happy to take an integrated approach and work alongside your doctor or specialist to achieve the bets outcome for you.

Why Are We Different?

As a naturopath, treating the underlying cause of the condition is at the core of our philosophy so no matter how complex and chronic a condition is there is always something that ca n be done to improve your quality of life.  We take the time to understand you and your goals and work with you to ensure your treatment is realistic and achievable.  Restoring balance and harmony to the body naturally will improve not only your symptoms but your overall feeling of health and vitality.

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