Pre-Conception Care

What Is Pre-conception Care?

Preconception care is a whole body approach to ensuring all the essential factors for a healthy conception are present in both partners. It is equally as important to ensure harmful factors have been removed from your diet and lifestyle prior to conception.  Your health in the months leading up to trying for a baby will impact on your ability to achieve a healthy conception and pregnancy.  By taking this approach you can ensure that your fertility is enhanced and chances of falling pregnant will increase.

Ideally you will undergo treatment for 3-6 months prior to trying to fall pregnant to gain maximum benefit, however we understand everyone has their own timeline and will help you no matter where you are up to on your path the becoming parents. Regardless of whether you have had children before, or this is your first baby, everyone can benefit from pre-conception care, not least of all, your baby!

How We Can Help You Prepare For A Baby Naturally

Preconception care will begin with getting to know a little about you, your partner and your health and medical history and involves a comprehensive review of both partner’s diet and lifestyle practices.  We can help you improve your diet and address any nutrient deficiencies you may have that will ultimately impact your ability to fall pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy.  We will also address factors such as smoking, weight loss where applicable. Addressing and underlying conditions you may have already been diagnosed with is an essential step as well.  Reviewing your environment and exposure to chemicals and other harmful things is important in ensuring optimal reproductive health too.

You will receive a highly individualised program with dietary, lifestyle and environmental recommendations made.  As well as this, where required you will receive a prescription for the highest quality nutritional and herbal supplements all aimed at improving your overall health, and particularly your reproductive health. Where necessary we can order and interpret appropriate testing to give you the most accurate insight into your health too.

The best part about taking these steps is that you will not only be putting yourself in the best possible position to achieve a healthy, happy conception but you will feel great too!

Why Are We Different?

Having a Naturopath and a Nutritionist wrapped into one practitioner gives you the unique opportunity to have your health assessed and treated from both the perspectives.  It also means you will have access to high quality testing and supplements that aren’t available to the general public without prescription.  Helping families grow is something we are so excited about and feel privileged to be a part of this exciting time in your life.

Located conveniently on the Gold Coast Highway, in the central Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach, with after-hours appointments available means there is no reason not to take control over your growing family’s fertility outcomes.

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