Skin Conditions

What is Skin Health?

Skin health is the mirror of a healthy body, it is our largest organ and can tell us a lot about overall health.  Healthy skin should be smooth and even in colour, neither dry or flaky and appear hydrated.   If you suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis or allergies, it is often a state of imbalance internally, reflected on the outside.

The role skin provides is essential to health and has four main functions.  Firstly protection, then sensation as it transmits information to your brain, temperature regulation and immunity. It also allows your body to grow and move.

How We Can Help You Improve Your Skin Health Naturally 

We begin by getting to know a little about you, your unique situation and your health and medical history.  This will allow us to identify which areas of your health which could be contributing to your skin condition.  It is important to know that skin conditions are treated generally from the inside out.  As we promote internal balance and wellbeing, it is reflected on the skin.  That said, there are also plenty of options to treat the uncomfortable symptoms that often come with these conditions directly, while we recalibrate on the inside.

Nutrition is essential to clear, healthy skin. Certain nutrient deficiencies will often lead to skin conditions.  These can be identified through testing where applicable and corrected with diet or high quality, practitioner only supplements.  The diet also offers many different foods to act as antioxidants, to stimulate collagen production and provide protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals for skin repair. We will talk you through exactly which foods will help and which will hinder you in achieving healthy clear skin. Your diet will become the source of your healthy, glowing skin.

As well as the food you’re eating, an assessment of your lifestyle practices and environment can also be beneficial in achieving healthy, clear skin. The products you’re using, stress and sleep will all impact on your skin health.

Addressing the microbiome (your gut health), and its potential imbalances, inflammation, as well as detoxification channels within the body is essential in treating the skin. Herbal medicines can be used to promote detoxification safely and effectively through the liver, kidneys, and the skin itself.  Through making the appropriate changes, your overall health will improve as well, so not only will your skin improve but you will feel great. Skin conditions can affect you greatly, not only in a physical sense but emotionally as well, so if your skin is holding you back, why not try a natural solution?

Why Are We Different?

As a Naturopath it is at the core of our philosophy to treat the underlying causes of all conditions, and skin is a great example of that.  Our treatments are not quick fixes that stop working when you stop using them.  The benefits continue as underlying imbalances in the gut, diet, detoxification channels or environment are corrected naturally.  You will find this way the results are much more sustainable and longer lasting.

Located conveniently on the Gold Coast Highway, in the central Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach, with after-hours appointments available means there is no reason not to take control over your skin health outcomes.

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