Functional Testing


Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormones, is an in-depth test looking at sex hormones, adrenal hormones, neurotransmitter metabolites and nutritional organic acids.  A highly unique, accurate and detailed representation of your current health in relation to your hormonal status.

If you suffer with infertility, reproductive system conditions, chronic stress, fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep, poor sexual function, mood fluctuations or general hormone imbalances this test can provide invaluable clinical insight and therefore better outcomes for patients.




Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology

This test is invaluable in determining the health of the large bowel.  The all-important balance of the microbiome can have systemic effects on health when it is compromised. Determining which specific areas require addressing on a microbial level, your treatment can be much more specific and therefore effective.

If you have a history of parasites, bacterial or yeast infections or have suffered long term with chronic gut health issues this test is for you.


Food Intolerance/Allergy Testing

For a more comprehensive approach to food allergy testing, this test will examine 90 different foods and your degree of reactivity to each.  Consuming foods on a regular basis which you are reactive to, can cause immune and inflammatory responses causing havoc in the body, particularly if it goes on long term. Symptoms like bloating, gas, alternating bowel patterns, skin irritation or fatigue can all relate to food intolerances.