My philosophy on health is about going back to basics and centres around balance and holism – it isn’t simply about what you eat or how hard you work out. It is about finding what works for you and finding synergy between all elements of good health.

We seek harmony between work and play and in what we eat – indulgence is not such a bad thing after all, but it is about nourishing your body on a daily basis. Finding balance in your movement, your work and play, social interactions and time for self reflection. Emotional health is also at the core of our wellbeing – think yoga, pilates, meditation, plus socialising and having a purpose, as well as things you enjoy in life. These are fundamental needs.  Naturopathy is such a holistic practice, I can assist you in rebalancing each and every one of these areas, until balance is achieved.

When focusing on a wholefoods diet, food should not simply fill the gap; it should create vitality, energy and a feeling of vibrancy.  But it should also be enjoyed!  I want to provide for you, delicious wholefoods recipes you can incorporate into your family’s lives and be the healthiest you.  I promise some tasty treats too!

You will never find me counting calories, but much more counting nutrients. I’m single minded about setting up a great relationship with food for you.  Letting go of guilt and obsession around every single thing we eat means we can enjoy treats and more importantly enjoy the incredible benefits that wholefood eating has to offer.

Setting up a solid foundation for health may not be as complicated as you’ve been led to believe – good quality whole foods, plenty of clean water, fresh air, sunlight, movement – they’re by far the most health promoting practices we can all incorporate on a daily basis without too much effort. This is the all important balance… Where things have gone off track, herbal remedies and nutritional medicines come into their own in repairing aspects specific to disease states occurring within the body.

So as you can see, my practice is not just centred on ridding your body of symptoms of disease. Creating vibrant, healthy lives for each and every one of my clients is the ultimate goal!

So let’s eat well and live with happiness and vitality.